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14 januari 2019
Our favourite local rides
1st March 2019

Our Favourite Rides

Over the next few days and weeks, I'll be adding some of our favourite rides onto the blog for you to see where we cycle to from our base at Allons y Pyrenees.

Head to our Favourite Rides page on the website if you want to see more.

Ride number 1: The Col d'Aspin.
A challenging ride, with amazing scenery from start to finish and well worth the effort - this was my first official col when I took on my challenge and one I will definitely conquer again.
col d'aspin
The Scenic Col d'Aspin
The gang at Aspin
Smiles all round as the summit is conquered!
The ride up is worth the effort with 360 views of the whole stretch of the Pyrenees.

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