12th October 2018

Tour de France 2019

1st September 2018


8th August 2018
Big Bikes @ Aubisque

Col de Val Louron-Azet

8th August 2018

Guest Reviews

28th April 2018
Big Bikes @ Aubisque

Col Number One

21st March 2018
Big Bikes @ Aubisque

The Training Progresses

19th February 2018
Big Bikes @ Aubisque

How To Convince Yourself To Get On A Bike

6th July 2017
St Helens CRC at AYP Holiday

St Helens CRC cycling week

We recently welcomed some members of the St. Helens CRC to Allons-y-Pyreness, and thought we would share this photograph of them trying to look fresh at the […]
22nd June 2017

Pyrenean Marmotte Packages

Allons-y-Pyrenees currently have two fantastic cycling holiday packages available allowing you to experience the famous Marmotte race, entrance to the event is included along with our […]